Tool Pricing

Rental Equipment

Air Comp Kit (includes jack hammer, 2 pts., 1 hose) $110/4 hrs. and $147.50/day
Air Comp. 185 CFM, $87.50/4 hrs. and $125/day
Air Comp. Elec. DEWALT $27.50/4 hrs. and $39.00/day
Air Comp. Gas, DEWALT $32.00/4 hrs. and $44.00/day
Air Comp. small, $22.00/4 hrs. and $29.00/day
Aerator, core,walk behind, $47.50/4 hrs and $80.00/day
Aerator,pull behind core, $21/4 hrs. and $40/day
Auto Polisher, $16.00/4 hrs. and $24.00/day
Auto Tools, miscellaneous, $10.00/ hrs. and $14.00/day
BBQ Grill,towable large charcoal grill $75.00/day, $200.00/2 day
Backhoe, Komatsu PC 27, $205.00/4 hrs. and $295/day
Backhoe, Terramite, $110.00/4 hrs. and $155.00/day
Blower, back pack model PB400, $29.50/4 hrs. and $47.50/day
Blower, hand held model 132HBV, $25.0/4 hrs. and $35.00/day
Bobcat Loader T180 with tracks $200.00/4 hrs. and $265.00/day
Bobcat Loader S175 w/rubber tires $155/4 hrs. and $215/day
Bobcat Loader T140 w/tracks $185/4 hrs. and $240/day
Bobcat Grapple w/machine rental $100/day
Bobcat Grapple w/out machine, $110.00/day
Bobcat Forks, $60.00/day
Boring Machine Rod $14.00/day
Boring Machine w/2-10′ rods, $55.00/4 hrs. and $80.00/day
Buffer, Auto w/pad, $15.00/4 hrs., $20.00/day
Buffer, Floor 17″, $22/4 hrs. and $34.50/day
Builders Level $30.00/day
Bull Float 48″ $14.00/4 hrs and $22.00/day
Bushhog, Billy Goat, $60.00/4 hrs. and $90.00/day
Car Dollie, $37.50/4 hrs. and $50.00/day
Carpet Blower, $22.00/4 hrs. and $27.00/day
Carpet Iron, $10/4 hrs. and $16/day
Carpet Kicker, $10/4 hrs. and $16/day
Carpet Stretcher, $32.50/4 hrs. and $45.00/day
Chipper shredder, 6″, $136.5/4 hrs. and $195.50/day
Core drill $50.00/4 hrs and $90/day
Core drill bit 2″, $30/day
Core drill bit 4″, $40/day
Core drill bit 6″, $70/day
Dehumidifier, $27.50/per
Dethatcher, $37.50/4 hrs and $63.00/day
Dollie, (small furniture) $8/4 hrs. and $12/day
Drill, 1/2″ Heavy duty, $15/4 hrs. and $25/day
Drill 1/2″, Medium duty, $12/4 hrs. and $20/day
Drill 3/8″,Right angle, $17/4 hrs. and $26/day
Drywall Lift, $30.00/4 hrs. and $40.00/day
Drywall Sander, $35.00/4 hrs. and $50.00/day
Edger, Bed edger $55.00/4 hrs and $85.00/day
Engine Hoist, $24/4 hrs. and $34/day
Engine Stand, $10/day
Fan 36″, $30/day
Finish Machine, concrete, $75.00/4 hrs. and $100.00/day
Floor Grinder, large, $50/4 hrs. and $70/day
Floor Grinder, small, $35/4 hrs. and $55/day
Floor Stripper, $30/4 hrs. and $40/day
Generator, 2400 Watt, $30.00/4 hrs. and $45.00/day
Generator, 4000 Watt, $40.00/4 hrs. and $59.00/day
Generator, 4300 Watt, $40.00/4 hrs. and $59.00/day
Generator, 6000 Watt, $55.00/4 hrs. and $80.00/day
Hammer Drill, $35/4 hrs. and $48/day
Hand Truck, Appliance, $12.00/4 hrs. and $17.00/day
Heat Gun, $8.00/4 hrs. and $12.00/day
Heater, 110,000 BTU, $29.00/day
Heater, 150,000 BTU, $37.00/day
Hose, Suction 2″ $5.00/day
Hydro Scrubber, $32.50/day
Jack Hammer, Air, $40.00/4 hrs., $52.00/day
Jack Hammer, Elec. $49.00/4 hrs., $63.00/day
Jack, Hydraulic 12 ton, $8.50/4 hrs., $14.00/day
Jack, Hydraulic 20 ton, $8.50/4 hrs., $14.00/day
Jack Stand, day rate $10.00
Jack, pallet jack, $25.00/4 hrs., $37.00/day
Ladder Vader, $47.00/4 hrs., $67.00/day
Ladder 24′, $22.00/day
Ladder 40′, $29.00/day
Ladder, step, 12′, $27.00/day
Ladder, step 14″, $29.00/day
Lawn Edger, $22.00/4 hrs., $37.00/day
Lawn Mower, Snapper, $30.00/4 hrs, $45.00/day
Lawn Mower, Snapper w/bagger, $39.00/4 hrs., $54.00/day
Loader, Dingo, walk behind $100.00/4hrs, $140.00/day
Loader, Ditch Witch, walk behind $100.00/4 hrs., $140.00/day
Loader, attachments available (additional fees apply)
Log Splitter, vertical, $57.50/4 hrs., $77.50/day
Metal Brake, $60.00/day
Metal Detector, $18.00 4/hrs., $36.00/day
Miter Saw, $21.00 4/hrs., $39.00/day
Mixer, Concrete Stone, $55.00/4 hrs, $80.00/day
Mixer, Mortar, $60.00/4 hrs, $80.00/day
Nail Gun Large, $25.00/day
Nail Gun Small $17.00/day
Nailer, Floor w/hammer $25.00/day
Paint Sprayer, $47.50/4 hrs., $63.50/day
Pipe Cutter $10.00/day
Pipe Die (large), $20.00/4 hrs, $25.00/day
Pipe Die (small), $15.00/4 hrs, $20.00/day
Pipe Vice $18.00/day
Plow, Vibratory, $130.00/4 hrs. and $190.00/day
Post Hole Digger, 1 man, $30.00/4 hrs, $50.00/day
Post Hole Digger, 2 man, $50.00/4 hrs, $80.00/day
Post Hole Digger, Little Beaver, $45.00/4hrs, $75.00/day
Post Hole Digger, Manual, $6.00/4 hrs, $12.00/day
Power Washer 2000psi, $42.00/4 hrs, $70.00/day
Power Washer 2500psi, $42.00/4 hrs, $70.00/day
Power Washer 3500psi, $47.00/4 hrs, $80.00/day
Sump Pump, $12.00/4 hrs, $18.00/day
Pump, water 2″+ hose, $52.00/4 hrs, $70.00/day
Pump, water 3″ + hose, $60.00/4 hrs, $80.00/day
Roller, Sod, Pull behind, $18.00/4 hrs, $29.00/day
Roller, Sod, walk behind, $18.00/4 hrs, $29.00/day
Sander, Belt $12.00/4hrs, $17.50/day
Sander, Floor (Sanding belts available for sale @ $4.50) $45.00/day
Sander, Floor Edger, (Sanding discs available for sale @ $1.25) $27.50/day
Chain Saw (Husky) $26.00/4 hrs, $47.50/day
Saw, Cut Off 14″, $46.00/4 hrs, $66.00/day
Saw, Jam, $15.0/ 4 hrs., $25.00/day
Saw, Jig, $10.00/4 hrs, $14.00/day
Saws All, $20.00/4 hrs, $27.50/day
Skil Saw (7 1/4″) $10.00/4 hrs, $12.00/day
Saw, Table saw Makita $22.50 4/hrs, $32.50/day
Saw, Toe Kick, $21.00/4 hrs, $27.50/day
Saw, Walk behind concrete 14″, $49.00/4 hrs, $69.00/day
Screw Gun, Upright, $20.00/4 hrs., $30.00/day
Snake, Drain 100′ Elec., $42.50/4 hrs. and $52.50/day
Snake, Drain, 25″ manual, $15/4 hrs. and $25/day
Snake, Drain 50′ manual, $17.50/4 hrs. and $27.50/day
Snake, Drain 50′ Elec., $20/4 hrs. and $30/day
Sod Cutter, $70.00 4/hrs, $95.00/day
Stapler, Air Small $15.00/day
Stapler, Air Large $20.00/day
Stud Driver, $18.00/4 hrs, $25.00/day
Stump Grinder, $65.00/4 hrs, $95.00/day
Tamp, Vibratory Plate, $55.00/4 hrs, $75.00/day
Tamp, (Wacker) $65.00/4 hrs, $85.00/day
Tex Sprayer $18.00/day
Tile Cutter, $10.00/4 hrs, $15.00/day
Tile Saw, $35.00/4 hrs, $65.00/day
Tile Saw (large), $45.00/4 hrs., $65.00/day
Tiller, cultivator, $19.50/4 hrs, $39.00/day
Tiller, Front Tine, $27.50/4 hrs.,$50.00/day
Tiller, Rear Tine BCS, $39.50/4 hrs., $72.50/day
Tractor, L-2350, $140.00/4 hrs., $200.00/day
Tractor, Landscape Box,$40.00/4 hrs., $55.00/day
Tractor, Pulverizer, $40.00/4 hrs., $55.00/day
Trailer, Ditch Witch $45/day
Trailer, small $30.00/day
Trailer, Womac Low bed $45.00/day
Transmission Jack, $24.50/4 hrs., $29.50/day
Trencher, D/W Walk Model 1020, $100.00/4 hrs., $135.00/day
Trencher, D/W. Walk Model 1030, $100.00/4 hrs., $135.00/day
Trimmer, Husky 225, $22.50/4 hrs., $38.00/day
Vacuum, Shop 102, $18.00/4 hrs., $25.00/day
Vacuum, Shop Tornado, $18.00/4 hrs., $25.00/day

Vibrator, concrete $30.00/4 hrs., $42.00/day
Wallpaper Steamer, $20.00/4 hrs., $30.00/day
Weedeater, Husky, $22.00/4 hrs., $32.00/day
Welder, Gas $55.00/4 hrs., $80.00/day
Welder, Lincoln Elec. $15.00/4 hrs., $20.00/day
Wheelbarrow, $10.00/4hrs., $15.00/day
Chain Saw, Large, $24.00 4/hrs., $45.00/day

Prices may change without notice.